Soft Baby Carrier

A baby carrier you can use for back, front and hip carry, from 3.5 to 20 kgs. It provides optimal weight distribution, orthopaedically ideal for both the adult and the baby. Recomended for longer trips.


Stretchy Wrap

For young babies the most comfortable carrier is undoubtedly the stretchy wrap, which holds the baby softly and safely. Just like in Mum's belly...



The modern version of a traditional baby carrier. A perfect combination of a buckle carrier and a wrap. With its padded straps you can use it even for longer trips, both for front and back carry. From 3 months until the end of the babywearing age.

Why Should I Wear My Baby?

Why is it so important to have your baby close to you? What are your little one’s emotional and psychological needs? How can babywearing improve your everyday life? Questions and the answers are here...

How Should I wear my Baby?

Is it good if a baby is facing outwards? What is the orthopedicly perfect back support? Is it possible to carry my heavier child for a long time, without tiredness? You’ll find answers to your questions here...

Which Carrier Should I Choose?

So many baby carriers around, you just don’t know which is the most suitable for your baby and lifestyle ? We’ll help you finding the one best fitst for you... Check it out here...

The LiLiputi® Rainbow COLLECTION:

Our carriers and accessories form three unique collections for those who want to look stylish whilst wearing their kid... Pick your style!