Why should I wear my Baby?

Why so?

  • Because this is the most wonderful gift that you can give your child for a lifetime.
  • Because this is a key element for human relationships that cannot be replaced by anything else.
  • Because this is the best way to harmonize the needs of the baby with those of the person looking after them.
  • Because babies who were carried are proved to be more balanced and more developed emotionally than those who were not carried.
  • Because by wearing your child you support his correct anatomic development
  • Because nothing can outshine a cute smile or a lovely snuffle. You will surely not miss any of these if you keep your child close to your body.
  • And last but not least: because this is the best for your baby! …and this is the best for you!

Have you ever thought about it?

After conception, a marvellous little being starts to grow in you, and for 9 months it lives as close to you as possible. During this time, he knows exactly what is happening to you and around you. He knows and feels if you are happy or sad. Day by day he is getting bigger and bigger until suddenly the moment comes when he has to leave this paradise: he „has to” be born. Experts say that birth is the most traumatic event in humans’ life, and the circumstances of the arrival largely determine how the baby tackles with this trauma.

If after the birth…

A baby does not receive the physical and emotional care that can only be given to him through the physical contact of his mother or a close relative (father!), he will feel left alone and might lose his original faith that he came into this world with and that he could keep for all his life if we help him appropriately.

So let’s give him what he needs!

Do not question his genuineness, give him what he wants! If he cries, hold him, if he wants to stay with you while cooking, carry him! It is scientifically proven that carried children are more balanced, have stronger trust in the outside world and are more open to discover new things. The feeling of security and trust your child gains from the physical contact with you will stay with him for the rest of his life, helping him to cope with difficulties.

The first two years

are about the physical contact with the child. Apparently, a baby has only physical needs: he is hungry, he wants to eat, he is sleepy, he wants to sleep. If we let him do these in an emotionally safe environment, with his parents physically close to him, he will surely become a balanced and mentally healthy child. The close physical contact gets looser and looser, and a 2-year-old child is already able to walk alone and enjoys his autonomy, however, any minor failure can lead him back to find comfort in the arms of his parents

By the time your baby is 3 years old,

he is mature enough to give his own answer to different situations. This is the time when he starts to attend kindergarten making his first step toward independence. How a child can handle this new role depends mainly on his relationship with his parents. If the family background was warm and intimate, the child will be able to make genuine, close friends, which is - in my opinion - one of the most important thing. Slowly we let our children walk on their own ways and we hope they will cope withall difficulties they face.


If you carry your child in accordance with his needs, the process of becoming independent will be nice, healthy and organic.

Maybe we do not even remember the first years when we spared no effort to satisfy his needs while carrying him tied to our bodies. However, the close physical contact will develop into an enduring emotional bond that cannot be replaced by anything material. The feeling of love and security that we give to our children are not only the main components of a harmonious family life, but are also indispensable for a healthy society.

Let me finish here with a personal memory. My daughter who was sitting on my back day and night until she reached the age of two, because she was not even able to sleep alone, one day got out of her carrier and said: “I am already big, you don’t have to carry me anymore”. Now she is 3 and half years old. Our physical contact is getting looser every day. There are mornings when I don’t even see her because she is hunting for butterflies with the neighbouring children. Then, when she gets hungry, she comes home because she knows that here is always a place for her. And after finishing the peas (which are admittedly not her favourite dish) she looks at me with a sweet glance and says: “Mummy, you know, you are my best Mummy!” This is my gift. And I wish you to find happiness in carrying your sweet bundle of joy! :-)

Eszter Walger
founder of Liliputi