baby carriers

We suggest the Stretchy Wrap for newborns as it still feels like Mum’s belly there. The Buckle Carrier is for those who don’t want spend time on tying and need ergonomic solution, the Mei-Tai is in between. The Sling is for shorter trips.

mama coat & accessories

Complete your baby carrier with Liliputi babywearing accessories, maching the style of your favourite Liliputi. Take our highlight babywearing Mama Coat, you will look amazing with or without your baby, and with an extension, during pregnancy as well.

soft leather baby shoes

Let your little one to choose his/her favourite design and colour, and we promise a never-ending love! The Soft Leather Baby Shoes are for in- and outdoor activities, available from prewalker age until about EU 26 shoesize. Sandals for vacation, Booties for winter times!