about Liliputi

We have preferred unpaved roads from the beginning


Upon establishing Liliputi we have started to fulfill our intention to offer parents bringing up a young child solutions which help them ensure opportunities providing safety for their child and themselves, strengthening contact and supporting physical and mental health in all kinds of  situations. In the past few years the increasing demand has suggested us more and more clearly that our views on children, upbringing and business, as well as our methods meet the demands of families striving to create and maintain harmonious relations and contacts pointing beyond the accelerated conditions of the surrounding which has got impersonalized in many aspect.


High quality from the heart of Europe


Each of our products are from our own small manufacture situated in Szombathely, Hungary, in the middle of Europe. Our carriers, coats, bags and accessories are made on the basis of our own designs or with the involvement of talented Hungarian designers, by using high quality basic materials and - whenever possible - made by hand, striving to perfection in every aspect. This provides guarantee that all of the products that leave our manufacture meet the standards expected both by ourselves and our customers.


How can we still maintain our competitive prices?


We mostly sell our products directly to consumers or to a reselling partner (we have one such partner per city). This helps us avoid the extra expenses accumulating due to the traditional supply chain (producer-distributor-retail trader-consumer) and, as a result, we are able to offer our products at prices similar to those of our competitors in Asia operating under the conditions of large-scale industrial works or even at lower prices than theirs. 


Instead of traditional marketing


Similarly to the manufacturing and sales methods we use more modest and slower techniques building on personal contacts for the popularization of the products as well. Our customers recommend Liliputi products to each other; our fame spreads from mouth to mouth. Thus we can allocate our resources to the maintenance of the quality standards and permanent product development, instead of costly marketing campaigns, which also enables us to keep our prices low.


...and this is not the revenue what is of primary importance,


but the issue we support. We have deeply committed ourselves to the issue of carrying. Being close to the parental body gives the growing child the feeling of safety, the opportunity to see itself peers and material and natural environment with a strong effect on physical and mental health, view of the world and on the development of personality. We do believe that we contribute to the growing up of a healthier generation through our products which is more open to human relations and to the love and respect of life. Regarding the members of the Liliputi team we also consider joyful teamwork to be vital that is based on similar values and endeavour to achieve collective goals.


If you do purchase from us,


you support our family business that provide jobs to many women in the area. You motivate us to maintain permanent improvement in respect of both our products and objectives. You support the issue of carrying and upbringing based on close human contacts, hoping for a more human world which is healthier and more harmonious in every aspect. Thank you for your trust.

Who we are

Eszter Walger

owner, ceo, purchasing & production director

Péter Farnadi

owner, sales & marketing director

Tímea Soós-Papp

sales & marketing manager

Krisztina Szalay-Kurucz

production manager

Zsófia Kutassy

finance & HR administration

Judit Daróczi

customer care

Zsuzsanna Kicsi

international customer care

Anikó Pulai

supply manager

Eszter Szabó Anna

social media marketing

Krisztián Kucska

marketing, PR

Kinga Horváth

production coordinator

Erika Rózsa

production coordinator

Márta Nagy


Annamária Sipos-Lenkey

shop assistant

Mária Tornyos

production supervisor

Ágnes Horváth

production assistant

Anikó Marczy

production assistant