Which carrier should I choose?

It depends mostly on you…

It’s up to many things which carrier works the best with you and your family. All stages of life require different solution; even your personality, your baby’s current phase and his/her stage of development can make a difference. Liliputi offers every type of baby carrier you can wear your child - from the moment of birth until preschool. You can choose only one type, or change them after a time - it’s up to you! Before choosing a carrier, think about the situations you want to use it in. Do you need something besides the pram to wear him/her at home, or you usually travelling with car and would like to save the cost of the transport of a pram? Or you’d like to wear him/her during longer walks as well? Do you need your two hands while cooking or taking care of bigger siblings?


The age of the baby also has to be taken into consideration…


The easiest, quickest type of carrier is the ring sling, which is a woven wrap ending two rings one side. Suitable for front and hip carry, great choice to as an additional equipment besides the pram or safety car seat, because of its little need of space and quick take-up. Liliputi ring sling is suitable from the moment of birth until the end of the babywearing period. However, due to it’s asymmetrical application it’s rather a short-term carrier.

The long woven wrap can always be a perfect companion during the babywearing period. Suitable from the moment of birth, not just for front carry, but hip and back carry as well, due to its ability to provide the physiological pose to your baby. Because of its versatility you can find the best wrap way even if you or your baby have some musculoskeletal disorder. The Liliputi woven wrap has strong weaving quality – it can even comfortably hold your bigger child if he/she needs some snuggle. Suitable for front, hip and back carry, can be helpful if you want to breastfeed during babywearing. As it even the baby’s weight evenly on the parent’s body you can even use it instead of a pram during long trips.

The Liliputi stretchy wrap’s application is similar to the woven wrap’s. This type of carrier conquers the parent’s heart with it softness. Due to its soft fabric, the stretchy wrap is only suitable in the first few months, above 8-9 kg weight it’s worth switching to another carrier. As it is made of stretchy fabric, you can use it for front and hip carry from the moment of birth.
When the time comes and your baby is bigger and he/she can hold his/her upper body stable, you can wear him/her in a Lili-Tai. This innovative type of mei tai can accompany your child from his/her few months of age until the end of the babywearing period. It’s can be adjusted gradually in height and width (so it will be growing with your baby), and providing the perfect position for him/her. It’s entirely made of high quality woven wrap which embraces every part of your child. Suitable for front carry, and from the moment when your baby holds his/her upper body stable, you can wear on your back too.

The buckle carrier might seem the easiest one with it’s backpack-like design. The multiple ways of adjusting the waistband and the shoulder straps make it perfect for almost every parent regardless the body type. The buckle carrier is a perfect choice for toddlers who need fast pick ups - after you fasten the waistband, your child can be in the carrier with just a few movements. If your baby can sit by him/herself steadily, you can use it for back carries too. Back carry with the buckle carrier is the best option for longer trips, as it is able to distribute even more weight perfectly. The adjustable height and the panel extender will provide the chance to wear your child for 2-3-4 years in it (depending on his/her sizes), and support him/her correctly. With the sleeping hood, you can hold up your sleeping baby’s head. If you choose to start babywearing with the buckle carrier, the newborn insert can help you to use it as soon your baby is a few weeks old.