Which carrier should I choose?

It is primarily up to you…

It is up to you which carrier fits you the best. It depends on your personality. Some people go for wraps since these traditional carriers are the most versatile. The ways of tying a baby wrap are infinite, so everyone can be sure to find a comfortable solution. However, for others this feature of the wrap appears rather as a disadvantage: they find it difficult to tie it again and again, and the process of learning how to wear it appropriately is too long and demanding for them. Those who would like to use a traditional baby carrier, but would prefer something more simple, usually go for Mei-Tais that even give a stylish look to the wearer. Others, who have a more practical approach and are looking for a modern and ergonomic solution, mostly choose a buckle carrier.

The age of the baby also has to be taken into consideration…     

For newborn babies, the most comfortable carrier is obviously the stretchy wrap. The wrap creates similar conditions to those he was used to in her mum’s belly for 9 months. It supports the baby softly and safely, distributing his weight evenly. It is easy to sit the baby into the tied wrap, because its endings are stretchy. For the same reason, however, the stretchy wrap is getting less comfortable as the child grows since it is too flexible to compensate a weight of 8-10 kilos. This is why only experienced carriers are able to carry a child older than 6-8 months in a wrap (in back carry position), though it is not that comfortable for them either.

With a special tying method, you can carry your newborn baby in a Mei-Tai, but it is not the best choice for the first months. It does not wrap around the baby as tight as a stretch wrap, implying a higher risk of carrying him in a wrong position. If you tie your Mei-Tai appropriately, your child will not fall out, but it is not as comfortable and homey for him as a stretchy wrap.
We recommend Mei-Tais from the age of 3-4 months, since from this time it is comfortable and safe either for the carrier person and the baby. There is no upper age/weight limit, as far as the child needs to be carried, Mei-Tai is a comfortable solution for everyone.

The buckle carrier is recommended from birth (with the special infant insert), and suitable for back carry from the age of 6 months, when the child is already able to sit on his own. In this carrier, due to its special structure, the baby can be held in a sitting position. In the beginning, it is more comfortable to use it for front carry, but hip carry is also possible for those who prefer it. As the baby grows, it is comfortable to put him on the back, but there are no rules how to carry your child, it is rather your decision. There is no upper weight limit for this carrier, with the help of the adjustable straps you can fit it to your shape and it can be used for several years.


Baby wrap

The main advantages of a stretchy baby wrap are the following: it is soft, it wraps around the baby, it is easy to handle and to tie. Since this carrier is the most comfortable for a young baby, we always recommend it for newborns. It holds the child softly and safely, does not cause any injuries and follows every little movement of the baby. It is easy for the beginners too to tie it, because you  can  tighten the wrap without the baby and then by stretching the endings you can simply put him in. A stretchy wrap is optimal for front carry, but for hip or back carry it might be better to use a Mei-Tai, or a soft structured baby carrier.



Mei-Tais are traditional baby carriers that originate in Asia. Modern Mei-Tais, however, are adapted to our days and were transformed to satisfy the requirements of our Western lifestyle.
The body part is modelled in a way to fit the baby’s shape. Mei-Tais are made of special fabrics of various colours and patterns so that you find the one that best fits your style. Due to their padded straps, Mei-Tais remain comfortable even for longer use.
Mei-Tais are somewhere between wraps and ergonomic soft structured baby carriers. It is easier to tie a Mei-Tai than a wrap, but you still have the feeling of carrying your child in a traditional way which is a common demand for baby carriers.
This carrier allows you to wear your baby – similarly to the previous ones – in front carry, hip carry and back carry positions. You can learn for the first time how to tie it, and not much practice is needed to wear your baby confidently and freely.


Buckle Carrier

From an ergonomic point of view, the best choice is the buckle carrier. The flexible and strong waistband made of a special fabric and the wide padded shoulder straps provide an optimal weight distribution, allowing you to carry even a bigger child for hours without getting tired.
It is ideal for travelling and trips, since you can put it on or take it off very quickly, and once you have found the proper position, you do not need to adjust the straps again.
You can use this carrier either for front, back or hip carry. If you have a bigger child, it is more comfortable to carry him on you back, but you will see it soon which position is the best for you. A sleeping hood supports the head of the child while sleeping. Since some babies do not need it, it is removable.